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  • The lads kick off the new year with a jam packed episode with plenty of news as they discuss the box office for 1917, Star Wars Rise of Skywalker, Just Mercy and Jumanji: The Next Level, as well as share their thoughts on the new releases Bombshell, Bad Boys For Life, Just Mercy. They also give their review of the exciting 1917 and discuss Oscar 2020 nominations and predictions. So much to talk about!
  • In this premier episode of the Hidden Voices Podcast, Andrew speaks with Michelle, an international student from Hong Kong who shares her perspective of the Hong Kong protest movement. Having grown up around the 2014 Umbrella protests, Michelle reveals what it is like observing the pro-democracy struggle from abroad, and explains the circle of silence between Chinese mainlanders and those from Hong Kong on campus. Please note: The views expressed in this podcast do not reflect the official views and opinions of De Montfort University. Also note that Michelle is a pseudonym and her voice has been edited in order […]
  • The DemonFM inFocus team debate topics including thoughts on Boris Johnson and the Conservative manifesto.  Please Note this podcast contains moments from the live election night show, therefore, some information may be only correct as of the date of broadcast on the 13th December 2019.  Parts of this podcast were recorded on the live election night show at 6am, so please bare with our tired panelists.
  • In a New Years spectacular Tom and Dan discuss all of the new releases due for the new decade, and there's already a plethora of new films due for release as well as planned features for studios. So as you prepare to celebrate the new year ahead, why not listen to lads and get a heads up on what's going on in the exciting world of film 2020!
  • Christmas is here and as the new year approaches join Dan and Tom as they review the films that 2019 bought and as they go through their top 5 picks and talk about why it is they chose them. What films did they choose? Well you'll have to listen to find out!
  • T'is the most wonderful time of the year, a season of joy and goodwill to all and to celebrate what we are most grateful for.  And so, several members of Demon Media have come together to spread some of this Christmas magic as they play a few games, tell us what they love most about Christmas and get up to a few more shenanigans. Fun times ahead that are sure to put the jingle in your bells! Have a listen and wishing  you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, with love from Demon Media! 
  • Back again for the second half of the double special, In this part Callum regales us with that time he went to Amsterdam and Jess tells the story  of the trap she got herself into with her hairdresser. They also share their coming out stories well as some of the troubles that come with being LGBTQ+. Please note this podcast contains some explicit themes.
  • Your favourite dynamically dysfunctional duo are back with a double episode special. In this episode Callum and Jess talk about their love of Drag Race, Trixie and Katya and their own dragventures. They also get onto the topic of drugs and the not so much fun they had. Please note this Podcast contains some explicit themes. 
  • In this episode Emily and Jasmine are joined by guest Rhys, to discuss some conspiracy theories and concepts that are, quite literally out of this world! In this episode they discuss the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, Alien infiltration, black holes, and time travel and Donald Trump?!? And more. So make sure you have a listen as things are about to get weird. A visual version is also available on Jasmine's YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_uRBglD7TY
  • In the build up to Christmas, Tom, Dan and Ellis have come together to discuss the new releases due over the Christmas period. In this episode they talk about the grande finale of the Start Wars Saga in Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker, the period drama film based on Louisa Alcott's Little Women, as well as the star-studded musical extravaganza, Cats. They also discuss the highly anticipated satirical comedy Jojo Rabbit and Guy Ritchie's new gangster comedy Gentlemen.