Take a look at some of our latest podcast releases below!!

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  • In the semi final episode Rhys is joined by Hannah and Joe as they review the drag family challenge and the long awaited return of the puppet challenge! They give their prediction on who they think will be the winner, their to 5 favourite Queens of all time and Rhys does a terrible Jasmine Masters impression. Twice. Start your engines!No tea no shade no pink lemonade!
  • This week hosts Rhys and Laura discuss what happened in episode 6 of Drag Race UK and the finish line is in sight. As per the usual they toot and boot the Queens runway looks. Which ones made a splash and which where a drizzle for the rainy day theme. They also comment on the water branding and advert challenge. Start your engines!
  • In the first episode of Crime Cast, the podcast all about murder, mysteries and conspiracies, hosts Emily and Jasmine discuss the Muswell Hill Murders that took place in between 1978-1983 in London. The girls discuss the who, what, where and why of these crimes and comment on what they think of this case. BE WARNED: This podcast contains explicit themes and discussions about some dark issues. 
  • In  support of the charity Children in Need, several members of Demon Media agreed to sit down and tell us some of their fondest memories of their childhood, and what goofy antics they got up too.  We hope this inspires our listeners to think back to their own happy childhoods and remember that not every child is so lucky, but together we can change this! Please remember to donate at https://www.demon-media.co.uk/give/  Thank you and enjoy the show!
  • In this weeks Ruview, hosted by Catrina, Charlotte and Rhys, they discuss how they feel about last week elimination, how the Queens did in the girl group challenge and which team created the best bop: Filth Harmony or the Frock Destroyers, and critique their day at the races couture, amongst all the other drag race drama! Have a listen, you'll feel much betta!
  • This time Rhys is joined by Amir, another super pokéfan, as they discuss their love of the iconic Japanese franchise: Pokémon. They talk about the highly anticipated new games Pokémon Sword and Shield, and discuss the games as a whole, while talking about Ash's recent victory in the anime and which Pokémon are their overall favourites. Gotta listen in folks!
  • This episode Rhys is joined by the editor-in-chief of The Demon magazine, Francisca Quádrio, where they share their love of Disney, from the tv shows, to the plethora of iconic animated films. to the sudden surge of live-action remakes, as well as taking a Buzzfeed quiz to find out which Disney Princess they are!
  • In the first episode of Geek Speak host Rhys is joined by special guest and deputy head of Demon TV, Alice. They discuss when they first fell in love with the series, what subjects they'd stud. who they'd date out of Harry, Ron and Hermione. and their favourite moments from the books and films.
  • A Podcast by DemonFM: Guess who's back back back again!? Catrina returns this episode with new hosts and drag race super fans Joe and Maddie, were they comment on the much anticipated Snatch Game episode, and do the usual toot and boot of the Queens runway looks. Start your engines!
  • A Podcast by Demon FM: Halleloo! This episode is hosted by Hannah, Jasmine and Léonie. This episode the hosts discuss last weeks elimination, this weeks mini and maxi challenge while tooting and booting the Queens runway looks from the challenge. Start your engines!