Taking you back!

Rewind is kind of like the best strand on DemonFM. It’s old music, it’s cheesey music and it’s professional all out music and entertainment chit-chat. If you’re into 60s to early 00s music give us a listen between 10am-12pm every weekday.

Sam and Henry

When you tune into Sam and Henry’s Rewind, expect to hear a plethora of other musical genres spanning many decades, including blues, house, and ska punk. Our witty cynicism and mellifluously monotone opinions will be the only constant in this uncertain and chaotic variety of sound.

Ant and George

Ant and George will guide you through your Tuesday mornings asking the real questions and moaning about real life. Music runs through these lads blood so expect a range of music and some frankly, fantastic sing-a-longs.

John, Elliot and George

Tune in to the wonderful and wacky world of John, Elliott and George. The best old music, the most serious conversations. One of those is a lie. Guaranteed to get you moving on your Wednesday mornings.

Jenni and Tom

Tom and Jenni will shake up your Thursday mornings and get you singing along to some super cheesey tracks as well as some absolute classics. We’ll get your brains going with the infamous “Is this track older than Tom?” and as wannabe comedians, the banter will be absolutely spectacular*


Luke and Sam

When Luke and Sam hit the airwaves, expect a psychedelic mish-mash of capery hijinks and hijinkery capers, featuring ingenuous games such as the world-renowned ‘The Cost Is Correct!’ and the infamous ‘Sam’s bits’ (Now only banned in 14 countries!). Luke and Sam’s radio output has already already received countless glowing testimonies, including ‘alright, I guess’ and ‘entertaining, in a way’- and if their Mums think it’s that good, imagine how good you’ll think it is!